Bethel Children's Center

Our Philosophy


We value and respect each child as God’s own creation. We welcome their eagerness, curiosity and activity! We strive to provide an atmosphere where they can grow in a healthy, stimulating, structured environment which encourages a variety of choices and physical involvement. We believe children thrive when they are fully engaged in a stimulating environment. They learn to interact with other children and develop social emotion skills, while receiving positive guidance and support from teachers. We offer a well-planned, developmentally appropriate program. Art, language, math and science activities are also offered daily. We consider fine and gross motor skills, circle time, music, art, and physical activity to be integral parts of each child’s preschool experience. Pre-reading skills and learning letter recognition and phonetic sounds is essential for children who will enter Kindergarten. We place a high value on outside play; children learn best when they are playing.

Although the teacher plans for the day, the curriculum is influenced by what emerges as the child acts, reacts and interacts with the environment. Our teachers watch for the teachable moments, when a child’s interest is high and curiosity is stimulated. Discovery is of prime importance and, as the child probes and investigates, he is encouraged to ask questions, explore and solve problems, but he must be free to make mistakes. Failures, too, are an important part of a child’s learning. These opportunities develop thinking skills for the building blocks of knowledge.

Our discipline philosophy is built on the principles of mutual respect and dignity, and building cooperation, confidence, and responsibility. Bethel Children's Center provides a positive, safe environment for children to learn the fine art of cooperation.

Our Christian Beliefs

Children learn an awareness of God and His Son, Jesus. They are taught about God's unconditional love for His children and God's magnificent world, its people and animals and plants. They learn about Jesus Christ, His life and teachings. Every day, we enjoy Bible stories, songs and prayers with child participation. The staff demonstrates their own Christian commitment by endeavoring to follow the example of Jesus Christ as He displayed the characteristics of love, patience, compassion, forgiveness and respect for everyone He encountered. Your child will hear again and again that "God loves you, No Matter What!" A child would never hear, "God is angry with how you're acting." We use the principles of Positive Discipline to help children learn problem solving skills.

Parent's Role

Parents are always welcome at Bethel Children's Center. We encourage parent participation, whether it be reading to children or sharing a particular talent or skill. Special events are a sure success with the support of family volunteers. A couple of times a year, we have work days to spruce up our environment and welcome your help. We value open communication and partnership with families to ensure successful preschool years.