Morning and Afternoon Sessions


Bethel Children’s Center is open from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM. There are various schedules and hours available to meet your needs.

Morning Session

We care for children whose ages range from two years/nine months (potty trained) until they are ready for Kindergarten. We have three classrooms: Oaks (youngest), Redwoods and Sycamores. Children are placed according to chronological age and development as well as parent’s and teacher’s suggestion. When moving from the Oaks to the Redwoods or Sycamores rooms, teachers and parents’ discretion, along with peer dynamics are considered. Staff ratio: 3 year old class, 3 teachers to 18 students. PK classrooms, 3 teachers to 21 students.

Afternoon Session
Some children finish their day right before or after lunch. Others stay for the afternoon program, which includes optional nap and mixed age playtime. Weather permitting, children play outside. During inclement weather, we provide unstructured playtime in the classrooms and a large multi-purpose room. They conclude their day with story time, art projects and inside play.

General Information
Children may attend full time or part time (with a minimum of 9 hours per week). They may attend our morning enrichment program, our afternoon play program or full days. Please check our Tuition Agreement for specific details. An overall goal of our Center is to provide the children with the skills, both social and academic, that will prepare them for the rigors of Kindergarten. We believe that children learn best when they are playing. Even academic skills can be taught in a playful manner.

Early Literacy

Our school introduces pre-reading opportunities. There are library corners in each classroom along with writing centers. There are also opportunities for writing and reading on the playground. Children have access to a variety of paper and crayons, markers, scissors, hole punches, stamps, etc. Children learn to recognize their own name and often the names of their classmates. It is not our intention to teach children to read. Although some will spontaneously discover that when they blend phonetic sounds, a word emerges!

Bethel Children's Center